Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soldier of Love

How does Weird Al know what I do in my spare time? Watch this.

This video excites me. It's not Weird Al doin' it to me this time, even though he does look particularly sexy pushing a lawn mower. This time my heart is all a-flutter over the white 'n nerdy dirty dance moves of...

Donny Osmond!

Full of testosteroney Utah goodness.

You know how I know that Donny Osmond is sexy? I know this because even my gay older sister paid homage to the man. She slept nightly on a Donny Osmond pillow case. She laid her face over his graven image and drooled. But then, when you consider what he looks like in the photo above, you gotta give my sister a little leeway.

I searched Ebay for the pillow case in question but could not find an auction for one. If I had I would have gotten myself a nice little present for my upcoming birthday. Sigh...

I own purple socks too Donny! I'm from Utah County! Donny! I'M A LITTLE BIT ROCK 'N ROLL!

Fine Donny. Stay with Weird Al and your wife of 28 years. See if I care.

Oh Donny Osmond, you broadway missionary bowhunk! Why am I so inexplicably drawn? Oh, that's right...It's because both of our names end in Y.


  1. Uh...Ah, nevermind. I won't rain on your fantasy. :)

  2. So which of the weird things do you do in your spare time?

    Donny Osmond, I don't know much about him but he has always seemed to be one of the more wholesome entertainer types. And doesn't he have a cute sister?

  3. Osmond-aholic isn't so bad. Look and me I'm hooked on Barbie and Superheros and trashing Oprah and Paris're almost Normal BeckY....hey and our names end with why too....people are always calling to me..."Jerry Why?"

  4. I thought Donny O. was doing some reality TV series. Turned out I mixed him and Christopher Knight, better known as Peter Brady from 'The Brady Bunch'.
    So to keep them straight; Donny is promoting Mormoning and Brady is promoting America’s Next Top Model. Yeah, bad mixup.

  5. I had that pillow!! Isnt he hilarious in that video??? He is aging nicely :)

  6. Becky, I didn't realize you had such affection for old Donny. I def. put him the category with other long-haired love muffins from the seventies. Personally, Sean Cassidy was the one who got me going. I even penned a love letter to him while taking a cross country vacation with my family. Yes, sweltering in the desert, with three siblings, at least one puking at all times...and my dastardly brother stole my love letter and mocked me with it the entire trip. I can't fathom how my parents didn't stop at the next holiday in and shoot themselves.

  7. The first time I saw that video, I laughed my head off. And then I cried a little, for I am white and nerdy. The percentage of things that he mentions that DON'T apply to me (or someone I love dearly and/or am related to) is far, far smaller than the ones that do.

  8. HAAAaa! You don't get any whitier than Donny Osmond. I did a double take first time I watched that video and saw the Osmond's most famous son.

    Sadly, I have bought an underground copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. I guess I know what that makes me..(insert nerdy laughing at myself out loud here)

    Almost went to Wendover tonight for the Ann Margaret concert (my wife had a work thing there)but instead I had a work thing here in the Land of Zion. Bummer...I'll have to go to Bendover Blue Boutique some other time.

  9. he sure grew into those teeth.
    I would watch the Donny and Marie show with heart a flutter.
    I even saw them in concert at the Marriott Center.

  10. White and Nerdy. Great stuff from Weird Al

  11. Al is a treasure!

    I remember that photo of Donny.

    BTW: Are you going to be posting your Halloween costumes? I am looking forward to seeing them.

    Have a good week, and Happy Halloween!

  12. We didn't have the pillow (which is a good thing, because our pet dog loved to hump pillows), but we did have the Donny Osmond three-ring binder. My sister adorned hers by defacing Donny with markers—big red lips, long eyelashes...


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