Saturday, October 21, 2006


Oh looky! Unlike yesterday morning, the little blogger post writing window actually showed up on my screen. What this means is that I can write a nice little post for all you readers and hangers on.

I meant to write about pot yesterday. You know, wacky weed, reefer, ganja, 420, jive sticks! Day late and a dollar short around Blogger.

I'm not one to partake in the old cannibis...I've never had an urge to partake in anything that comes in a baggie except goldfish crackers. I've said before that I wouldn't know where to buy such a thing. I barely know where to buy wine in a box.

On Nov. 7th that might change.

As it's worded in the ever so informative sample ballot I was mailed last week, I get to use the hanging chad-less electronic voting machine and vote YES or NO to persons over the age of 21 legally possessing and using up to one ounce of marijuana. Not just for medical reasons, but for any dern reason you want to use the stuff. I'm also voting on licensing marijuana retailers and wholesalers, taxing mary jane up the wazoo and imposing stricter penalties on driving under the influence.

Will they have to invent a breathalizer to measure how high you are?

If the majority votes yes then my town (and the other Utah border gambling armpit down in southern Nevada) is going to boom. Kaboom! Mushroom cloud! Not peyote...pot. I don't know where to buy peyote either. Utahns come to my town to sin and adding just one more sinful activity will ice the cake.

I didn't read in my ballot where it states in which locations you can use pot. I personally dislike it when I go to the casino from time to time and end up with Hackie McHackerson sitting next to me holding their lit cigarrette in my personal space. Will I have the ability to drive home safely if Doobie McDooberson holds their lit joint downwind?

Also on my ballot are two questions limiting smoking in public places. One limits smoking to just casinos and bars. The other says no to smoking in the gaming areas of casinos but you can still smoke in bars. I admit that when I moved to Nevada from Utah it threw me off to be in a McDonalds sitting next to someone smoking. I think limiting smoking in casinos is a bit silly...but then again would it still be silly if marijuana is legalized?

The marijuana question was shot down in 2002. That's when there was still a little hope in the democratic process and our government. Who knows how the hopeless masses are going to vote now. A little pot in Nevada may start a tidal wave of checks and balances across the US.


  1. Even if you approve it in Nevada wouldn't it still be contrary to Federal law? It seems to me that was the main problem with the medical marijuana legalization by various states (including mine) that approved it's use that way.

    I'll be glad when Nov 8 arrives and this silly season is over. I don't watch much TV but the ads there and on the radio are beginning to bother me. But this election may bring about some pretty big changes in politics.

  2. Ahh, heck. I'm from NM where it is barely illegal anyway... the penalties for getting busted with a doob or two hardly even rates a traffic violation-sized fine. Maybe that laxity has affected my thinking on the matter... but you rarely hear how some SOB got high on the chronic and beat the crap out of his wife. Booze? All the freaking time! So where exactly do you count the cost to society?

    Plus, have you ever seen someone stoned and driving? They are TERRIFIED! and driving maybe a whopping 10mph, 'cause it's "all happening so fast, man!" Most of the truly baked folks I've known (and I've known....LOTS!) avoid smoking and driving where it seems like the slush-puppies feel like they have to PROVE they can drink-n-drive safely.

  3. Just think of all that tax revenue that will rain down on Utah's coffers. Education will be fully funded!

    I have to agree with Bon. Most potheads find driving while potted excrutiating and a useless activity. Crime rates in pothead regions are generally low, love and happiness quality indicators are generally high. It's a win-win!

    Vote yes! I'll come to your house and eat mountains of pancakes!

  4. Aahhh, that's a "hot topic' Becky! I'm against it but there are advantages to being "for" it also....

    Either way....

  5. I't a fabulous thing to have smoke free buildings.

    I love your friends names. Sound like real party animals!


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