Monday, October 23, 2006

The Thunder Rolls

I had a lovely phone call this morning from an old highschool boyfriend. We had to kvetch about a mutual acquaintance. It was very nice catching up and has improved my day immensely.

It must be highschool oldhome week because I've also just been contacted by another old date of mine. He wasn't a boyfriend, just a pal. At one point we ended up in bed together in a motel room in Cedar City Logan, UT whilst attending an FFA convention. (edited, wrong town, wrong year. me still absent minded.)

(It was all very innocent I swear! I was wearing flannel jammies! We were watching HBO! I never touched any of his bits in any way, shape or form! You don't believe me! Honestly, FFA trips weren't like band trips...uh much.)

(At one point my FFA pal attempted to touch my little sister's bits. She was not amused.)

I understand the question that the second paragraph in this post raised wasn't if my FFA convention experiences were innocent, but what the heckfire is FFA?

I was a very active member of the Future Farmers of America, even to the point of being a club officer for two years. I raised pigs but I didn't own any shitkickers. I think I was the only member in Utah state who admitted to not knowing the Boot'n Scoot'n Boogie. Garth Brooks did not hold me enthralled nearly as much as Robert Smith. I had cut off my mullet. Lord knows how I ended up in Future Farmer's...but the experience was completely awesome. It was a great club.

No, I am not posting the photo of me during my mullet years (ages 10-11). Nor am I posting a photo of myself during my perm years (ages 13-14). You will have to satisfy yourself with this photo of me during my highschool years in all my blue corduroy FFA jacketed glory. Enjoy.


  1. Hairstyle-wise was this your Dorothy Hamill years?

    if you don't become a future farmer do they asked for the jacket back?

  2. This was my grown out Demi Moore ghost haircut. I usually kept it shorter!

    I still have my jacket. I wear it during my kinky moments.

  3. Are you a Utah girl? I never would have guessed. I am a Utah girl too. I also escaped the country music thing.
    I just went to my 20th high school reunion this summer. Great to see old friends. I was never in bed with any of them though.

  4. I think the bluejacket club was the only club I wasn't in in high school.

    Well, that, and boys' rasslin'.

  5. Jill the fav sis10/23/2006 3:52 PM

    Dammit Becky!!! You didn't have to make me relive the moment of yucky Brent kissing on me!!! It is all YOUR fault. Dad wouldn't let you leave the house without me to supervise. I am still emotionally scarred for life!

  6. School friends can be great. I am working on a relationship with a school friend that I had thought was going nowhere but now has a lot more promise. If it clicks with one I've known (we didn't go together back then) since 1954 it would be wonderful. We have become very good friends and things seem to be looking better for even more.

    By the way, you were almost as cute as a teenager as you are now!

  7. How FRIGGING cute are you?? (answer: very)

    Also, please oh please oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze vote yes on the pot question(s). Just cuz it would be so very cool to hear Utahans complain about it...

  8. And that pic is a real cute one ...



  9. FFA? HA! That's worse than Drama Geek!


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