Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You Suck.

For the last sixteen months I was unaware of the miracle that had been taking place in my home.

You could argue that because my baby is sixteen months old that he is the miracle. He's cute and stuff but that is not what I'm referring to. Besides, do miracles blow out poopy diapers first thing in the morning because the previous night you fed the miracle grapes, apple juice and ham? That's what I thought.

What has me in awe of a higher power is the realization that for the entirety of my baby's life I've only purchased one package of two pacifiers...and that we've not had to replace them until now. This last couple days we've lost one binky and he bit the bulb off the other.

Do you know of any other baby that hasn't lost over two hundred binkies if they were the kind of baby that needed to use one? Me either up until now.

I wouldn't classify my baby as a binkie abuser. He's not going to get the binky DTs. He just likes to have one when he's put down in his crib for a nap or for the night. During the day he's perfectly happy without one. He'll play with them but doesn't use them for comfort like at night-night boo-boo time.

Now my child is binky-less. I'm wondering if I should replace the binkies or not.

I used the same type of binky with my second baby because he had a high palette and other binkies didn't fit. I wrote the binky company and told them how much I appreciated their design, which was unique at the time. They sent me three packages of twin pack binkies back as a thank you...a half dozen fresh binkies that were lost within hours.

You could ask, "Hey Absent Minded Housewife, why didn't you use one of them pin on binky leashes?" Does my self imposed title say nothing about me? Of course I didn't use one. That would have made some sort of sense.

Thank you Lord for watching over the binkies while they served their time in my home. They were well used and loyal binkies.

There is still hope that we may find the remaining binky. I'll let you know.


  1. You could call binkies a Housewife's Bestest Do-Dad at certain times of their lives, like when they have babies around. They can be miracles. As to when to not buy more, I guess that kind of depends on each baby and the tolerance level of the parents. You might just want to get more as insurance to have around, in case he really needs it but not get one out unless it really becomes necessary.

  2. WoW! This lastest kiddo we have is our first that would even TAKE a binkey... therefore I am excessively ignorant as to removal timing. Excessively.

  3. My other two left off binkies when they began to crawl easily, 5 to 8 months old. My oldest had a blanket that he needed to sleep with. My middle just went to the crib when he was tired and wanted to be put to bed.

  4. Sparky loves to suck her thumb, but you couldn't have paid her to take a binkie. Not that money meant that much too her, either.

  5. Removal time? Just let me tell you when "removal time" has done come and gone bye-bye loooong ago.

    I stood in a McDonald's the other day where a mom and dad and about a 3- 4 yr. old stood with them. Dad looked down and asked said child what she'd like for lunch.

    She pulled out her PACIFIER and said, plain as day, "I'll have a Happy Meal with an orange pop.", and promptly put the plug back in her mouth.


    Don't wait that long!


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