Thursday, November 09, 2006

...and I don't know what to title this post either.

My ovaries must be Republican because they are having absolute fits lately. I wish they'd take a hint from Rumsfeld.

I know when I go to visit the doctor he's just going to want to put me back on some form of hormonal birth control. I got fixed (lovely pictures over on my sidebar, under my birth stories) so I wouldn't have to take that crap. I can't be profane enough when it comes to describing how birth control made me feel.

What I'm liking best about my ovaries, at the moment, is the goatee they are causing me to grow. Goatees are so stylish right now. I have a goatovary. It turns my husband right on.

The weepiness is endearing as well. I was watching The Lord of the Rings the other day and I broke out into wracking sobs when Samwise threw Frodo over his shoulder and schlepped him up a volcano. All Frodo needed, in that scene, was a goatovary and he'd look exactly how I feel. Samwise must be a Democrat.

And now I don't know how to end this post....blah...I think I'll go eat chocolate.


  1. You don't know how to title the post or end it and I don't know what to say about it. It's a bit out of my area of knowledge. I guess getting out of those problems is another advantage for a woman to getting a bit older.

  2. Now I too am crying! Weeping with LAUGHTER! Poor, poor AMHW....I am NOT laughing about the possible necessity of taking birth control... that is a dirty, rotton trick. Not exactly laughing about the goatie.... exactly.

  3. That scene always makes me cry as well; and I'm not even pregnant

  4. Everyone should have a Samwise.

  5. You are a wise woman on the forums, AND you write great blogs! I feel like I hit the jackpot!

    Naked Truth (Anna)


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