Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Have your pets spayed or neutered

To the neighbor who was giving out the single serve twinkies for halloween and gave me one too just because, you are awesome.

No, I do not really endorse the use of razor blades in halloween candy, despite the poorly executed joke in my last post. I was tiring of some particular people complaining on how unsafe Halloween is these days! Here is what Snopes has to say about it.

Pictures of costumes forthcoming...mostly because I decided I wasn't feeling real great last night and didn't dress up...and because I didn't take the camera out and take pictures of my kids. It's not like the costumes suddenly disappeared. We can put them on again!


How do you send a resume' to CBS?

You've heard that Bob Barker is retiring next year? I love Bob Barker but I want his job. Barker's beauties? Pshaw, Becky's beauties! Naturally they'll have more cleavage than I do but I plan on having longer legs.

I promise, if I get his job, I will stop dying my hair and just let it go naturally grey. You should see my roots now.


  1. I want Bob's job but i think more ppl would watch if you were on.

    "The price is wrong b,,,," one of the funniest lines in a movie. Do you remember it from happy gilmore? Bob was in it.


  2. I thought Bob Barker was already dead.

  3. Wait..Bob Barker's alive?!!

    Damn...I learn something new everyday.

  4. Classic!
    I think whoever gets the job should first be required to demonstrate that they can kick Adam Sandler ass first.
    So, can you?

  5. I heard this morning that Bob Barker said he has been turning down movie offers because they keep wanting him to do nude scenes. It seems he is pretty particular about who gets to see him nude. I am kind of that way but I don't get the movie offers. Oh well, it would probably interfeer with my retirement.

  6. If you need a letter of recommendation, just ask. Then if you need anyone to open refrigerators or dramatically display fancy furniture, I would more than welcome a chance to be a Becky beauty.


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