Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Metamucil for the blogger's soul.

I'm late in posting today. There is only so much writing you can get done when you are actively procrastinating.

I started a post on O.J. Simpson. I trashed it. I'm not adding anything new about his now cancelled book being a waste of good trees. O.J. needs a cranial enema whether he did it or not.

I started a post on how Thanksgiving and Christmas have been mushed into a month long holiday. Anyone reading this, regular or not, could basically just fill in the blank on that topic.

I started a post on obnoxious toys and obnoxious toy marketing around the mushed up Thanksmas season. (I've been in wonderment over the new generation of Barbie Dolls. They've misnamed all of them. More fitting...Hoochie Mama Barbie, Street Walker Barbie, Pole Dancer Barbie. Does anyone remember when Barbie wanted to be an astronaut? What happened to Barbie's tasteful sense of fashion? God I'm glad I've got sons. So far they aren't putting Star Wars action figures in hot pants.) ....And that's where my toy thoughts end.

Insert blog tantrum here.

What I want is to put out something new...readable...fresh and fruity! What ensues is trying too gosh darn hard and it's not flowing naturally. I don't want to add any more saccharine to your blog reading diets.

Natural flow is recommended over artificial flow by 4 out of 5 dentists.


  1. Hustle and flow, baby... hustle and flow!

  2. I've always thought you Americans should start having Thanksgiving when we do in Canada... first weekend of October. Just enough time to recuperate from turkey poisoning in time for Christmas. Also, that way we can all be making handprint turkeys and table displays of gourds at the same time and I wouldn't have to stomach it twice. But who asked me right?

  3. LOL. Metamucil for the blogpost. Got any?


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