Thursday, November 30, 2006

No soup for you!

Welcome to the new evening editions of AMHW. Here, have a smiley face sticker.

My toddler has strictly forbidden me from posting in the morning anymore. He seems to think that I should be watching Blues Clues with him while I drink my coffee instead of merrily implementing any brain cells I have left by writing witty posts for you.

He has also strictly forbidden me from anything else I used to do during the day that would set me apart as an adult.

like being in the bathroom long enough to shave off the forest on my legs...
like throwing piles and piles of dirty housewife underwear in the washer...
like calling my bookie and placing my bet on the next Pillsbury Bakeoff...
like practicing taxidermy in front of a webcam for fun and profit...

Posting in the evening is better for my readers and other hangers on anyway because my brain is somewhat sharper after the kids been shoved in their rooms with the strong suggestion that they should sleep.

At this moment I'm watching "On the Road with 16 Children" on Discovery Health. Discovery is fond of featuring the Duggar Family and their efforts in multiplying and replenishing the Earth. Every single one of their children is well mannered. None of them scream bloody murder when you don't fill their sippy cups with Koolaid within a three second time limit.

Mom and Dad Duggar say they are ordinary people. I say that their brains are made up of mostly of the bits that compel a person to be patient....and libidinous.

I wonder what Mom Duggar's legs look like.


  1. I've watched the Discovery shows on the Duggar Family... One word... WIERD!!

  2. don't know that show....but you ever see that show about the family of "little people" who had both regular sized kids and little kids? that was a reality show for you.

  3. I don't know the Duggar family but if their children appear to always be well mannered I'd say they are either liars or they edited the heck out of the show. No child is perfect all the time. They learn by testing the limits. Of course I was an almost perfect child. That can't be contested since my Mother died a bit over six years ago so you'll have to just take my word on that fact.


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