Monday, November 20, 2006

Soft and chewy Funk and Wagnall's

Isn't it fascinating watching the learning process in toddlers...especially when you are watching my toddler who is the most impressive toddler on the planet? Yes, my DNA is just that spectacular.

My seventeen month old son has just recently realized that the words he does say convey meaning. "Cookie" no longer is a noun, it's a verb when it's used in the proper desperate tone..."I need a cookie (No! Several cookies!) or else I will die the most horrible screaming death on the planet, right here on the floor in front of Blue's Clues, leaving a large wet stain on the carpet!'

He's also learned to place a hierarchy on words. "Candy" is said in awe whereas "Cereal" is said with utter disgust when candy has been refused for breakfast. This floor monkey has no idea how much sugar I put in my morning coffee. I am a hypocrit.

I'm not sure if I should be upset that most of my son's vocabulary consists of food and toy words and that he hasn't shown any interest in saying "Mama". I can concede the fact that I'm not as intriguing as a vanilla wafer, but really, don't I get points for giving him cookies in the first place? He wouldn't know the wonderment of the cookie if it weren't for me forcing them down his tiny gullet. I tell ya, I get no respect.

It's been fun comparing my toddler's current learning curve to my almost 13 year old son's current learning curve. They are more similar than I had anticipated.


  1. The word "mama" was probably the 100th or 200th word in my two older girls' vocabs. Pearl is right on track. Apparently my "name" to them is a scream of frustration/fear/pain.

    Yeah... they really love me.

  2. "Mama" should be the second word they really learn. "Daddy" being the first ;)


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