Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sour Apples

I've spent all morning working on this post for you readers and other hangers on. Appreciate it!

I cannot believe I've neglected possibly the most versatile, useful and common candidate in my many months of selecting Bestest Housewifely Doodads. I use this stuff in my home daily! It was right under my nose!

November's Bestest Housewifely Doodad goes to:

Common Apple Cider Vinegar!

"Why not even more common white vinegar" you ask? Because apple cider vinegar smells and tastes better. That's it. If you prefer white vinegar, by all means, buy gallons.

I was reminded last week of why vinegar should be nominated this month. My husband was steaming asparagus with March, 2006's Bestest Housewifely Doodad and didn't quite add enough water to the pot.. This resulted in a mass of burnt on charry asparagus starch on the bottom...a mess that would require the use of elbow grease.

I dislike using elbow grease in vain. I figured if I poured vinegar in the pot and soaked it for an hour, the char would simply wipe away.

I was right! The mess wiped right off. My aluminum stock pot came out ever so shiny!

Vinegar is a fine cleaning agent. Every so often you should run some through your drip style coffee maker and it will clean out water deposits that make coffee taste like crap. You will have a steamy vinegar fume in your house for a while, but that's ok, the fume will deodorize your curtains.

I've also used this stuff to remove warts. Yes, I admit that I had a wart of the non STD variety. I kept a bandaid moistened with apple cider vinegar over my wart for a couple days. By day three the wart turned black and then it fell off. Now I'm wartless and fancy free.

Vinegar is also an excellent rinse aid for laundry. It's wonderful for removing soap residue and odors. If your man's shirts hang onto your man's manly armpit scents, soaking them in water with a good amount of vinegar, before washing, will take care of the stank.

I could regal you with the hundreds of other practical uses for vinegar, but I don't want to create any more sparkling GIFs. If you want more tips go HERE.

Apple Cider Vinegar is cheap and available at any grocery store.

Thank you Apple Cider Vinegar. I like you, I really like you.


  1. I do appreciate as I just burned a pan of ours. I will try it out. Thank you.

    I love apple cider vinegar by the way. 4 bean salad. Fajita marinade. mmmmmmm.....

  2. Good reminder... I'm now wondering if it might help with mildew smells.

  3. I didn't know all those things! Thank you for telling us.

  4. I find that balsamic vinegar is a tasty substitute for apple cider vinegar. But don't try it in your laundry. It leaves ugly purple stains.

  5. YES BECKY.....but can it get me laid?

    and if it does, will my naughty bits sparkle?

    I hope so.

    (ps. I hate blogger, when did word verification become a damn paragraph?)

  6. First, love the Medieval Lady costume--did you do the sketch as well as make it?

    Second this post is hilarious. And I have to agree with touting the many uses of vinegar. We used to have a cleaning lady who used it, diluted, on everything in the house. It smelled so clean! I still use it, but haven't gone to the apple cider version fearing it might be sticky...NO? No stickiness?

  7. This was very informative and kind of funny.

  8. My husband takes a tablesppon of this once a day, its supposed to help with High cholestrol.
    I have a wart, I am so gonna try that!

  9. Bon....Borax is an anti mildew agent. When you clean your mildew spots use borax dissolved in water and don't rinse. You may find it will leave some white residue. Vinegar will help with the odors. mean your naughty bits don't already sparkle? Mine do.

    Kathie....Yes, I do my own sketches. No sticky.

    Mel...take pics of the wart.

  10. I've heard tons of stuff about how healthy apple cider vinegar is. Not to mention, as you've pointed out, how it's an amazing cleaner.


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