Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkin' Cookey

We're back from another Thanksgiving jaunt into Utah County. While we were gone our house didn't burn down, our fish didn't die and the pile of laundry I left didn't fold itself.

Wednesday night traffic on the freeway was so stop and go, at the last fifteen miles, that two of my three children became carsick and were hurling into Walmart bags. Those must have been the only Walmart bags in existence that didn't come with a hole in them. Thank you Sam Walton. Why is it that these two children can manage to aim when hurling into a bag but cannot aim when tinkling into the toilet? It's a mystery! On the upside, my fabulous mini van does not smell like vomit...or urine.

I lost ten dollars at poker after Thanksgiving dinner. I felt better after a slice of blueberry pie. I felt estatic about it when I chased blueberry pie with a slice of pecan.

While shopping on Saturday, Justin and I ventured into a small toy store in a mall. It was oh so cute and oh so overpriced. Off to the side the toy mongers set up an area where kids could play. There, a couple of children were chasing each other with cars, a boy and a girl, non related, both around age four. It's a given that little girls do not know how to play cars properly, as demonstrated by the little boy getting upset at the little girl's method of play. He was so frustrated with her that he burst forth with a far reaching cry of "YOU'RE A HOMO!". This set the whole store laughing.

Now I'm home, where my dumb gay cat greeted us at the door with much ankle rubbing and a pile of cat barf.

So, homos, how were your Thanksgivings? (You Canadian folks can click HERE...)


  1. My granddaughter would never call another kid a homo. That would just be gay.

  2. Im going to have to beat you up , cyber-ly, of course, because of the game link you left in blogaritas comments.

    thats mean

    oh and if I promise not to beat you up will you help me?

  3. It sounds like your holiday weekend was overall pretty good except for the return trip home. A friend of mine used to describe traveling with children in a car as traveling Bulgarian third class. I don't know where he got that idea from!

  4. Oh, Becky. YOu have the best daughter normally has to incorporate princesses into her car/train/superhero/dinosaur play. Works for her and my son. I need your help over at my site. I know you have a story that will help me out! If you have the time???

  5. don't you hate it when the kids get sick in the car. gag.

    Check out my blog. You have been tagged.

  6. I thought of your superior shopping skills (aka noxious gas of death) this weekend as I braved the crowds. Ahhh.. good times.


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