Monday, December 11, 2006

Deck the Balls

This weekend, while I was considering and then deciding against cleaning the fingerprints off my sliding glass door, I spent a good deal of time watching my almost 13 year old son and the neighbor kid of the same age in my backyard.

Neighbor kid was punching himself in the crotch...


And then both boys were laughing uproariously.

Self injury involving delicate reproductive organs sure is a hoot. I figured this was a male adolescent rite of passage, much like fart jokes and giggling over the word "bazongas". If they hurt themselves, I'd be sure to point and laugh at them, but otherwise I'd leave them to their hijinks.

I'm not past adolescence myself. Today I received quite a bit of traffic, via Rockstar Mommy, because in response to her post about uncouth shoppers I posted a link back to my own uncouth shopper story. The story prominently features the passing of wind. I thank her for tolerating my link. Yesterday I wrote about maxi pads and posted a link to a page full of jock straps. Writing the word "bazongas" just now completely cracked me up.

The coop dee gracey? At this precise moment I'm laughing over stretchy penis jokes on a rerun of "The Man Show." Ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oy oy oy!

I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid.

The mystery of why the neighbor kid was punching himself in the crotch was solved just today. My seven year old son rushed up to me, cheeks flushed, eyes streaming, as he breathlessly exclaimed, "Wanna see something funny!"

Sure kiddo. Funny is good.

He gleefully screeches, "Merry Christmas, here's a nutcracker!" and punches himself in the crotch. I wonder who taught him that?

That's definitely one way to spread Christmas Cheer...


  1. The joy here is that YOUR kid was too smart to do it, and entertained himself by watching the other one. That shows something.

  2. saw you on have such nice........eyes

  3. Comment. Take two.

    WAH hahahaha! I am now SO VERY sorry that I have no boys to raise!


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