Friday, December 15, 2006

When a problem comes along, you must whack it.


Alright, I feel better now.

Every time I've sat down to write about the winter blahs to you, my dear reader's and other hangers on, there is someone that wants my attention. My baby wants to watch Blue's Clue's. My cat wants out. My baby needs a diaper change. My cat wants in. My baby thinks he needs a cookie for breakfast. My cat needs a diaper change. My baby wants out...


Don't ask me what that means. It's nicer than typing crass words for private anatomy. I so want to be nice because Santa is watching and I really need expensive electronics in my stocking. Didn't I say I going to write evening posts?

It's been suggested by medical types that the winter blahs can be improved by the ingestion of sufficient quantities of vitamin C. I know my winter blahs are about to be greatly improved by ingesting my vitamin C in the form of:

Terry's Chocolate Oranges...

December's Bestest Housewifely Doodad!

Just whacking the chocolate, as the packaging recommends, relieves pent up wintertime frustrations. Don't overdo it. Don't whack it with a snow shovel, or with your cat. Cat hairs...'nuff said.

Terry's Chocolate Orange is made with real orange oil! Once whacked, the sphere easily breaks into twenty segments of beautiful silken chocolate coziness. It's enough to share with loved ones in this season of giving....but who am I kidding? Just buy two or three or a dozen.

You can purchase this confection at just about any grocery store for around two bucks. Apparently Terry's Chocolate Oranges come in milk and dark chocolate. I don't care what kind of chocolate it is as long as it's vitamin packed.

Terry's Oranges are a Kraft food product. They are not the cheesiest.

I realize that, technically, chocolate is not a doodad. The question that needs to be asked here is, "Does chocolate improve the lives of housewives?" and the answer is that Yes, yes it does. Therefore this spectacular chocolate gets the doodad nod.

Thank you Terry's Chocolate Orange. I like you, I really like you.


  1. I loved chocolate oranges when I could still eat chocolate.

    BTW, I've had the ever changing number of fish story myself ;)

  2. These are the best things (besides chocolate orange sticks) about christmas treats!


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