Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where should I hang these ornaments?

Is it just me or does everyone else just not feel very Christmassy?

I only put up my $12 faux Christmas tree yesterday. It's not even fully decorated yet. There is a strand of mini lights dangling off it, and a stuffed snowman sitting under it. On the plus side, all the shopping is done.

I've decorated more in my blog header than I have in my house.

Things are bare around here.

Note: When a person goes about searching for a humorous Christmas graphic to illustrate points in her blog, she should not be surprised when she happens upon a photo of a unclothed man with a length of tinsel garland wrapped around his wang...


  1. They look rather wangless. Those reindeer suck!

  2. They look rather wangless. Those reindeer suck!

  3. Huh... I think I would rather have seen the tinsel wrapped picture.

    My shopping is done but for one gift that must be purchased AT the mall. The mall destination being the reason that I have not yet gone to get it. Shoot me now.

  4. I cant seem to get into Christmas this year either. It must be the warm weather. It sure doesnt feel like Christmas.

    Can I borrow one of your kids for Christmas? Seeing Christmas threw a childs eyes makes it seem so real


  5. That has to be a world record for the most amount of nude geeks in one photograph. What? You say Guinness doesn't have a record for that? Quick give me a contact number for these guys.


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