Thursday, January 18, 2007

...and don't put your pinky in the air when you drink your tea either!

This morning, while I was helping my 7 year old son get ready for school, I had the opportunity to impart a little social ettiquette on the boy.

After I gelled and combed his hair, he assumed a rather aggressive body posture and flashed me this particular hand signal...

...and then declared he was "Cool!"

Of course, his use of the signal did not include the explanatory stickers.

I took that moment to make my son well aware that use of such a hand signal was not very cool because of what it means. He didn't understand so I furthered the lesson with another example of a boorish hand signal...

He knows that one isn't nice. Little boys shouldn't flip people off until they are twenty-one with apartments and full time jobs.

What comparing the two signals does is open up the question of the first signal's interpretive meaning. I don't know about you, but I can't explain the fullness of female anatomy and sexual practices to a seven year old who only has fifteen more minutes until he has to be at school. I told him that both were saying swear words without talking.

The only swear word my son is allowed to spout off at this point is "Crap!"

I assume that he learned this new hand trick at school, though I seriously doubt the kids he learned it from knew what it meant either. It's making me quite giggly; the thought of a large group of 7 year olds, their hands all contorted, posturing themselves as cool. I could also assume he learned this from his almost 13 year old brother, who probably also learned it at school just as ignorant.

In any case, it is not... let my boy continue thinking he could repeat his "cool" hand signal.

I am not raising the next Kevin Federline.


  1. I recognize the signing hand and the older couple's sign, but sure don't know what your son's means myself. Is there really a meaning to that?

  2. Jill the fav sis1/18/2007 3:38 PM

    Well, I really must be from Happy Valley, Utah, because I had no idea that was what the first hand signal meant. It could be that I am just old and uncool. But I will always be younger than you!!!

  3. It means: "Two in the pink, one in the stink."

    Uh, it makes references to female orifices.

    The stickers on the photo say "For vaginal use only." and "For rectal use only."

    It's also a gang symbol having various meanings.

  4. I must know: Do you actually own such stickers?

  5. Noooooooo Orange.

    I found the nice pic on google.

    If I did have such stickers, I wonder what I'd stick them to?

  6. I was bouncing around going to new blogs from the comments left elsewhere and that's how I happened to land here.

    That first signal is something new to me. My good friend is a health educator and on the gang resistance committee where we live. She keeps me up to date on a lot of what's going on out there. Yet, I've never known the meaning of that one although I have seen the signal used.

  7. WTF? That signal is new to me. Does it really mean what you indicated with the stickers? Holy geeze I'm getting old and out of touch.

    I finally ordered Justin's book! Can't wait to get it. I'll do a review on housewifecafe, though I know nothing about poetry to offer a real review, but I like what I've seen so far. Anyway, keep us up to date on the sign language developments.

  8. I'm wondering if bonnie has seen the signal if on someone.

    I'm well aware of it's uses....but I'm certain it's not as universally enjoyed as the boasting suggests.

  9. Everytime I visit you I learn something new and interesting! Honestly I assumed this silly gesture was unpleasant but I really didn't know what it meant. Thankfully my kids haven't come in contact with it. But now I'll know what to do if they should. So, how does one explain that to a kid? Should we? I think you did the right thing by telling him that it's just bad. They don't need the anatomy lesson... yet.

  10. Thank you for sharing with me the "cool" hand sign.

    Now I have finally arrived, and I shall be cool at work.

    Monkey Man


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