Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The dog did it...

I believe I've prepared myself for this amazing day in history.

To combat the associated bloat, I've been downing these babies by the dozen. Instead of retaining hot wind I've forced a slow leak. I walk around making this low whistling noise...

"What's happening today?" you ask? Why, they've only announced the Oscar nominations and then later on Dubya is going to give The State of the Union Address!

Justin and I usually celebrate the speech by consuming large amounts of mexican food. Perhaps I should combat the associated effects of this as well.

Speaking of...do you think Dubya will address Al Gore directly with this Global Warming thing? To include this timewise he'd have to push steroid use by pro ball players off the speech...maybe education too.

Or he could just stop interjecting his speeches with "uhhhh".

And the Oscar goes to...


  1. Gee, your picture there of W looks a lot like Alfred E Newman! Maybe some other readers of this site will remember Mad Magazine. It is a fitting picture. I don't think I will take the time to watch the speach. There will probably not be much of anything that is new so I'll just get the analysis of it from the news people after the fact. Maybe I'll read a comic book at that time instead.

  2. Becky, you think Dum-Dum will mention you by name when he gets to the Global Warming part?

  3. Beck....count the "uhhhhs" tonight I dare ya.

    is he still stuck on the 75 cent phrase "stay the course"?

    we will see.

  4. There were barely any "uhhhs". Cheney had approximately four smirks however. Dubya got a "big pimpin'" from the subway hero, which I think is kinda sweet.


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