Saturday, January 13, 2007


In the morning Germs
created the heaving
and the upset stomach

The upset stomach was filled
With many forms of bodily fluids

It was inside a bubbling kid tummy
covered with darkness.
But the Nature of Germs
was moving it upward

Germs said, "I command thy stomach to spew!"
And the stomach started spewing.

The Mother and Father looked at the spew and saw that it was not good.
They separated the sheets from the blankets
and began washing the blankets as "load 1" and left the sheets as "load 2"
A bath came and then morning cartoons--that was how Saturday began


  1. Ewwww... stomach flu...

  2. Oh My GOSH....the spew germ! I know it well. Hope the tummy is feeling better.

  3. Ahh, the joys of parenting small children. But they do out grow that. Sort of.

  4. How nice to turn the mundane into something poetic (and funny, I might add.)


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