Monday, January 01, 2007

He said, She said.

Happy New Year folksters!

Again, for your post holiday enjoyment, I offer a glimpse into the molding forces of my young life by offering quotes from my trip into Utah County for Christmas.

"Mom, you got a big box there!"
- One of my assorted sisters, when Mom was presented with a rather large box which contained a much lusted for canister style vacuum.

"I walked in and the room smelled like ass!"
- My brother in law Brian, commenting on my digestive upset, after a rushed chinese meal, whilst watching "Talladega Nights" in his basement.

"My butt is sweaty."
- Becky, AMHW, mindlessly describing the condition of her posterior after a long meal at a white elephant party with old high school buddies. I received a lovely copy of "Sweating to the Oldies".

"It is."
- Old High School Buddy, confirming manually what I stated about my butt because he is an opportunist.

"Sports bras squish my chest."
- My 83 year old mother in law, when I suggested a sports bra because it may be more gentle on her shingles.

"I got to heat it, beat it and freeze it."
- My Dad, said with an uncharacteristic dirty leer, when describing what the doctor prescribed as therapy for his shoulder, after surgery for a torn rotator cuff. He then pulled out his heat/beat/freeze kit which contained this long rubber device used for working his muscles.

"Mom, you got that book on fashion. Does this mean you are fashion challenged?"
- My almost 13 year old son remarking on the fabulous new costume history book I got at Barnes and Noble for a whole twenty dollars.

And there you have it my dear readers and other hangers on. I hope most of you have tolerable hangovers today.


  1. It sounds like you did have an interesting Christmas. Thank you for the quote you left for me on the starting of the new year. It is a good one and it will be very interesting to see how those pages get filled out in my copy. I think it may be a very good year for me. I will also look forward to continuing reading about events in your life here on your blog. Please keep up as you have been doing as it is a fun read.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I'm pretty sure the one about the box would have gone right over my mom's head.

  3. Jill the fav sis1/02/2007 11:50 AM

    You made my whole house snell like NASTY ass!!! What is it with you, holidays, and smeliing like shit? I need to call the boys in charge of the Jackass movies. I am sure you could make someone barf!


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