Thursday, January 11, 2007

Morning Minutia III

Anyone catch Dubya last night on the boob tube? I reiterate my opinion of the man. He's a twat.

I cannot find the last Gert Jonny in my fish tank. None of my other fish have confessed to having an in between meal snack..and neither have the kids for that matter. Goodbye Gert Jonnys. You were well loved before you all bit it.

My lap has become prime toddler real estate. My lap is off limits when I'm in the bathroom and that's final.

My dumb gay cat is NOT allowed to jump upon my table, where all my sewing is currently taking up residence, thinking that he needs to sleep upon my applique work. Cat hairs and tight honeycomb stitching do not mix. I will poke the kitty's ass with a needle, see if I don't!

If snot were gold, I'd be a very rich woman.

Is it just me or are TV weatherpeople causing global warming by their overuse of hairspray?

Bollywood movies are FABULOUS. I love Netflix.


  1. TV news people men and women both have one thing in common with Evangelists...two-story hair-dos...why is that?

  2. Quite a variety of subjects today. I still have all three of my movie's by mail and have had them a couple of months. Guess I do need to start watching some of them again.

    Did you see Susan's question about the little pink dress in a 2X size in my post about the Elvis show? What do you think, since that is in your expertiese area? I somehow don't think it would look quite the same in a 2X size as they do in the other size on the Double Trouble girls.

  3. No Becky, he's not a twat -- he's the King of Twats!!
    He's Super Twat!!
    The man's idiocy continues to surprise even me.

    However, a good president wouldn't be NEARLY as entertaining....if the man weren't so dangerous, he'd have me in hysterics daily.


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