Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A penny for your thoughts.

I'm officially on day 25 of this head cold. Yesterday I felt better but this morning I was made well aware that this cold germ was placating me. Hey, much like Dubya placated the democrat majority the first 20 minutes of his speech last night! Har har, what a segue.


My baby has convinced me that it is a fantastic idea to eat harvest cheddar Sun Chips for breakfast. I issue such smart children. Sun Chips and coffee, breakfast of champions, but what am I a champion of?


I'm currently stringing along a romantic phisher.

You may have seen a story about this on one of those news magazine programs. These people live outside of the US (which is convenient because their phishing would be illegal in country.) They learn enough English to woo women. When the women seem sufficiently woo-ed, they start asking for funds to purchase plane tickets for romantic rendezvous-esses. Of course the tickets, and other accrouments requiring cash, are never purchased after the money is sent. The woo-ed woman either then realizes she's been had or is then again lured by this internet fantasy man and sends him her bank account numbers, credit card numbers and her gold fillings.

My phish-amor contacted me via a popular social networking site. He's told me I'm beautiful and gorgeous and glitter (glitter as an adjective?). He's given me a million cyber hugs and kisses, despite my protesting. He's told me to remember him now and forever!

Sigh...I'm all a tingle.

I'm wondering if I can turn this around and get my phish-hunk to send ME money. If I get any out of him I promise to split it with all my reader's and other hangers on.


  1. (((((((((((((((((miss Becty))))))))))))))you so nice and send me American Dollas...I send you "G-lover" (batteries not included)((((((((((hugs and kizzez))))))))))))love kilgore trout

  2. "Glitter" is a comparative adjective. I am glitt. You are glitter. Mariah Carey is the glittest of all.

  3. I am still waiting for the tickets,,,,where am i going again,,,,nevermind.

    Happy phishing

  4. i'm so jealous. no one has ever told me i'm glitter. my bitter half is going to pay for this oversight.


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