Thursday, January 25, 2007

The queue starts back there...

Which lung do my readers and other hangers on want?

...because I'm about to cough one up.

Don't all of you fight over it at once. Didn't your mother ever learn ya to take turns?

When men imagine their women rubbing oil all over their chests, they never ever assume it's mentholated.

Baby oil = sexy. Mentholated rub = not sexy.

Hey, who wants to take turns applying the Mentholatum?


  1. Have heard good reports of those shower soother things, y'know... put a tablet in the shower and it helps you breath better, less coughing etc. And Delsym, Kerflop highly recommends Delsym.

  2. I love the smell of vicks. It's the only thing about my kids being sick that I like...okay, the extra snuggles. The good with the bad, I guess.

  3. Sorry, I am of two minds on Vicks Vaporub... a. Fantastic for the sniffles and congestion... b. Even better when your kid complains of sore muscles, aching bones, joints,etc... We use is like IcyHot around here... and frankly, it works..

    Have I over thought this too much?

  4. you'd think the Plague had returned if you saw how many sick people are walking around here.

    hope I can dodge the bullet this year.

    EZ Becky I lke your lungs just where they are.


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