Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shiny Panties

I would like to extend my hand in greeting to all those who have reached my little corner of the internet in search of "shiny panties".

I didn't know there was such interest in my underpants! I have been known to wear underpants at times. Sometimes they are shiny and sometimes they ain't.

Would any of you like to purchase "Absent Minded Housewife" brand panties? (Unworn, perverts.) I can make it happen you know. I've got panty connections. I once purchased a gross of thong underwear to put in beer bottles. Thongwiser was an interesting little seller.

I'm quite serious about the panties. Buy three shiny pair with the AMHW logo on 'em and get some free post-its? What a deal!


  1. I to have been known to wear them but not so much, lol! When I do though, they are thongs.....I may just have to keep you in mind! :)

  2. alcohol and panties

    marriage maid in heaven?

    thongs?...skimpy underthings or lazy islander footwear?


    casual footwear
    or sexually undecided lovlies

    why ask?
    not sure but come to my blog today and POSE the WHY. ok?

  3. Thanks but I don't think I would wear them.

  4. I keep getting people finding me by googling "woman with one arm". I'm sorry to dissappoint them but I have two.

  5. Shiny underpants...hmmm...I'm prob. about ready for a pair of those. Thanks for your husbands link!


  6. Here via blogexplosion....didn't wear any shiny panties....damn. Sorry.

    My Blog

  7. Screw the panties, I want beer! Where's the AMHW Pale Ale?

  8. I'm with gogo...who doesn't like a good brew with attitude? :D

    I love reading my google search terms that led others my way. Cracks me up!

    BE sent me :)


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