Friday, February 16, 2007

Brokedown Palace

I spoke much too soon.

Three posts ago I wrote, "While I was baking pork chops last night, the element in my electric oven turned disco, began to sparkle, and then up and burned out." I followed this statement with many nonsensical references to Elton John.

I also wrote, "Today I will be searching about the internets for a replacement element. I like to see if I can fix things myself. I fixed my dishwasher once..." The element has been purchased and I'm confident in my abilities in switching them out.

I was confident in my abilty to fix my dishwasher. This one time the water pump was making rude noises. There was junk in the pump. I flushed the pump. The pump became junkless and therefore it worked.

My dishwasher stopped working yesterday. Yesterday the water pump went *poof* and made smoke. I am now not confident that I can replace the pump... or even want to. The dishwasher is at least ten years old. R.I.P. Frigidaire Precision Wash System. You are a candle in the wind.

If you are counting, that's my oven not working and now my dishwasher not dishwashing. My electric can opener has given up the ghost as well. I had to open my new can of coffee with a poorly functioning manual can opener this morning. It took me fifteen minutes.

However will I cope when my kitchen is falling to shambles all about me?

Maybe I'll build a bonfire in my backyard and roast a can of Spaghettios on a spit. It's only what the pioneers would have done.


In my current state, it's nice to know I have items in my home that work as they are supposed to every single time you use them. Over many years of abuse, these items remain reliable. These items require no special care, or batteries or sweet talking over large glasses of cheap wine.

This is one of the reliable things in my home:

The reusable coffee filter. February's Bestest Housewifely Doodad!

I recently bought a new 3 year coffee filter. My former 3 year coffee filter was eight years old. It probably would have lasted two more years had I not offered it early retirement and a gold watch.

This doodad makes great coffee. It's made from heat resistant plastic mesh, allowing all the lovely coffee oils to drip into your coffee pot rather than hanging onto a paper filter. This is one of the reasons that coffee prepared with a coffee press is so damned tasty...but if you like the convenience of a drip style coffee maker, a reusable filter is a fine compromise.

Using this filter also solves the problem of wet floppy paper filters slopping grounds into your coffee pot. You know you have this problem with the last ten paper filters in the package...the buggers lose their shape! The reusable filter keeps it's girlish figure year after year.

When I make a fresh pot of coffee, I usually just throw my used grounds down the disposal, rinse the filter and refill. (That is when you can get your can of coffee open.) If you are the type of coffee consumer that reuses grounds, this filter is ideal. The reusable coffee filter is dishwasher safe. (When your dishwasher works.)

You can get a reusable filter all your own at most grocery type stores, in basket and cone styles. It'll set you back two or three dollars. If you use your filter for eight years, that'll save you over forty dollars as well as that many trees!

I know some of my readers and other hangers on aren't coffee consumers. If this is you, disregard this post. Postum doesn't need any filters, right?

Thank you reliable reuseable coffee filter. I like you, I really like you.


  1. Your Doodad for the month sounds good. I have always wondered what extra flavors those paper filters, especially those usually used that have been bleached white, will add to my coffee. I do like the French press but you have to be willing to not drink the bottom part of unless you like coffee grounds. It also takes awhile to learn how long to grind the beans since you need them coarser than when they go into a filter.

    Hey, are we getting spoiled or what?

  2. I swear they've changed the design of cans. I used to be able to open cans with the manual opener, but finally broke down and bought an electric 5 or 10 years ago. And now? I can't for the life of me get a single can open manually. I blame the cans, of course.

    Word to the wise: Your kitchen appears to be hexing appliances. Keep the vibrators out of the room!

  3. Pero doesn't need it either... but I am POSITIVE that the denizens of the Celestial Kingdom get to drink espresso. Now if I could only GET there!

  4. Jill the fav sis2/16/2007 3:59 PM

    Get your damn house in order before I get there on Sunday!!! Betty the Yetti is calling my name!

  5. Nothing to wash dishes, no stove to cook?

    I believe a higher power is telling you to get thee hence to buffet!


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