Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gimme the remote control!

Ahhhh...the master of the universe, my toddler, is down for a nap.

When he's asleep it's my turn to wear the He-Man pants. Furry panties are exquisite against the skin.

...and no, I'm not putting back on my shirt.


I was the receiver of some very compelling gossip yesterday.

I thoroughly enjoyed this gossip. It was especially good because the subject of the gossip was if a personality type where there is such joy in learning of their fall from grace. He/she did what? You've got to be kiddin'. Really? Holy schmoly, that person really screwed up, heh.

It occurs to me this morning that it was this kind of thing I was going to direct my postponed rant about Oprah and Dr. Pheel towards.

I once said Dr. Pheel was one of my favorite TV programs. It's not anymore. There was a time I thought that the man was presenting a program that a normal, everyday person could relate to. More and more it's become a circus freakshow, only a few degrees off the likes of Jerry Springer. I'd need to smoke more opium to relate to this. I'd need to date all of my sister's significant others to relate to this. I need to grow an extra arm out of my butt to relate to this.

...and to get me started on Oprah. She had that poor kidnapped child as a guest last week. The kid hasn't been home long enough to take a decent pee and the Oprah show is pouncing on him with demands to know whhhhhaaaattttt happpppennnnedddd??? Oprah interviews a celebrity, he jumps on a couch, and it becomes international news!

This makes me shake my head.

And yet, I watched it. I turn to Dr. Pheel, on occasion, to see him pounce on the hapless. I'm willing to turn an ever eager ear to some of the best gossip I've ever heard, even though I probably won't be repeating it. (Don't even ask!)

I like like this stuff.

I console myself with the notion that I could be worse. I could be actually taping the programs so I can watch them again. I could be spewing warm, fuzzy advice on both Dr. Pheel's and Oprah's message boards. I could own naugahyde furniture. I could deep fry a twinkie.

But then again, I could just turn the TV off.


  1. the amount of lost productivity in watching daytime television is only second to that of daytime blogging....brb I need to post again today...while on the job mind you...HA!

  2. I can't STAND Dr. Pheel! Him and his "It's OK!" Ugh! I better just stop there before I really start ranting, lol!

  3. Okay, Becky. Number 1, I LOVE Justin's poetry and I'm not a poetry person--I don't normally get it, but I think his is beautiful and accessible, not to say simple. Or maybe I'm getting smarter. I'll read more then post on my site. Maybe he'll do an interview??? Number 2, you must slip the gossip into the blog at a later date as some story you heard that we won't connect to this bit of must tell. Number 3, I couldn't believe Ope had that kid on and his family. He's got to be seriously screwed up and needs time to work through that crap before being subjected to discussing it with the country if ever...God, that was mean.

  4. I just cannot hang with the O. Maybe it's some leftover punk in me, but she's just too crappin' touchy-feely. Except for the decision to have that kid on the show? WHAAAA?!

    I agree, he's going to need some serious therapy to work through all of whatever.

    Surprisingly mercenary of her. Or is it? Maybe she is not so touchy feely as I think... maybe she is just as fame and money grubbing as the rest of her ilk.


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