Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hold me closer tiny dancer.

Because my oven is broken I cannot possibly celebrate Valentine's Day.

While I was baking pork chops last night, the element in my electric oven turned disco, began to sparkle, and then up and burned out. Burnin' burnin...

Where is Elton John when you need him to fix your oven?

Today I will be searching about the internets for a replacement element. I like to see if I can fix things myself. I fixed my dishwasher once. The dishwasher has stopped wearing catseye glasses and singing, "Someone Saved My Life Tonight".

The love I have for Justin, my own personal rocket man, isn't at all like the element to my stove. When our love begins to sparkle I never think, "Crap! Another thing I gotta fix around here!" Sparkling love is a fix all it's own.

Unfortunately sparkling love does not fix ovens in time to bake the huge, frosted and sprinkled Valentine's Day sugar cookies I intended to give to Justin tomorrow.

Justin, you'll just have to settle for your half baked wife in the duck suit again. Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Quack, quack! You could come over here and bake 'em if you were up for a drive... but I have a birthday cake to make!

  2. I'm making chocolate mousse...

    Even better, cream by the quart was half off and baking chocolate was in the clearance bin for 70 cents a bar. Oh yes, I kick heiny.


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