Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nuke em before they nuke you.

It occured to me today, while I was considering what to have for lunch (in the same way I consider what to have for lunch nearly every weekday), that a large part of the mundanity of housewifery has to do with my daily lunch choices.

My lunches consist of two menu options these days, leftovers or instant oatmeal.

Let me give you a rundown of last week's lunches...

Monday: Leftover pot roast and mashed potatoes, microwaved on high.
Tuesday: Leftover McDonalds cheeseburger, microwaved in short bursts as to not completely liquify the cheese food product inside.
Wednesday: Instant oatmeal, maple and brown sugar flavor with exta water added, microwaved on high.
Thursday: Leftover beef and bean burrito, which was delicious, microwaved on high.
Friday: Leftover mashed potatoes and peas, held in the same container that held the leftover pot roast and potatoes, microwaved on high. I also got a rather large portion of chocolate birthday cake, because I was decorating the cake and I had to cut away some so I could form the correct birthday cake shape. You can't let this spare cake go to waste.

My toddler naps during the lunch hour so at least I'm saved from sharing boxed macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets...microwaved on high. It also keeps me from going out to get a fresh cheeseburger on any given day.

My teacher husband gets good lunches where he works. The cafeteria cooks from scratch. From three blocks away I can hear his jubilent cries of, "Today is fried chicken and biscuits, with butter, day! Now my life is complete!" Not to mention that he also gets paid for his lunch hour and his lunch is free, as much lunch as they can pile on his plate, because he supervises the students.

(He's a stinker, that one.)

To shake up my routine I actually cooked my leftovers today...on the stovetop...in a skillet...NAKED. It was shortly after my bath, OK? I was starving!

Todays menu? Leftover tilapia fish, cooked in onion, lime, sage and cilantro. This I rolled into a warmed tortilla (warmed in the microwave...I'll admit it. These habits die hard, alrighty?) with a little shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream and a leftover McDonald's side salad.

Jealous? I'm special for being a leftovers genius. At the very least, today I am special, and well fed.

Yes, I did get dressed. Get that image out of your head you perverts.


  1. I had a frozen burrito (yeah, I heated up first) and a 45 minute nap. That nap was tasty.

  2. sigh... the girls discovered on their Ponyland website that McD's has pony prizes in their Happy Meals. We were out at the docs all crappin' morning, so I caved and got 'em a HM.

    Got myself a Big Mac.

    There goes the budget, healthy foods and the size of my BUTT right. out. the window.

    again... sigh.

  3. OK so for a sec...I did imagine you buff at the stove stirring a pot.

    I confess.


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