Friday, March 16, 2007

And then we'll take it higher...

After letting your cat in from outdoors and before you pick up said cat and rub your face in it's fur, a person should check to make sure that cat has not been rolling around in the dirt.

Now you don't have to ask me how I got bits of dry weeds in my eyebrows.


It's only been three months since Christmas. Have you lazy parents forgotten that all the toys you got the kiddies need their batteries replaced?

No, you haven't forgotten. You've left the dead batteries in the toys on purpose. I don't blame you.

However, if you suddenly feel the urge to replace the six AA batteries that TMX Elmo requires, a person couldn't go wrong in making the cost of that easier on themselves by utilizing March's Bestest Housewifely Doodad! I thrust the honor upon:

Rechargeable batteries.

It goes without saying that rechargeable batteries are great for Mom's toys as well, ahem. It just never a bad idea to have fresh batteries around during an emergency and rechargeables provide that in spades. Spades, YES YES YES, SPADES!!<

Rechargeable batteries average about a dollar more per package than the kind you use once and then throw at your dirty cat. The companion battery chargers range anywhere from 7 to 100 bucks, depending on the kind of batteries that need charging and the load. My own charger will zap life into both AA and AAA batteries and cost around $12.

You can buy rechargeable batteries and chargers at any department type store, usually by the digital cameras since those babies suck up the juice. You cannot find them stocked by the playing cards despite my outburst earlier.

Thank you rechargeable batteries. I like you, I really like you.

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  1. The rechargeable batteries does like you too. they told me so. lol


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