Monday, March 26, 2007

My stash is bigger than your stash

Howdy readers and other hangers on. I'm back from vacation...

If you would like to see some of what I saw, and my family saw, and a tour bus full of Germans saw, head on over to my husband's blog and take a scroll. He took them there photos himself.

While on vacation, I managed to hit a lucrative sale at one of my favorite fabric stores. Their clearance racks were marked 50% off the clearance price, and then further marked 20% off that at the register. Their clearance selection wasn't craptacular either. I was in the midst of racks and racks of pristine pressed and starched love and joy. Sigh, fabulous.

I picked up enough fabric to make up five more costumes. I spent $56 and saved $147. Be still oh my little frugal heart.

On my way to the register I was approached by an average looking woman. She pointed to the bolt of wide striped peach jacquard in my cart and said, "I've had my eye on that." with the expectation that I was going to hand it right over to her. When I picked up this bolt, I saw no body parts on it whatsoever, much less this woman being close enough from several racks away to lift her leg and mark this fabric as her territory.

I looked at her a moment and replied, "Well, it's in my cart!"

Was I going to give up this gem, marked down more than 50% to $2 a yard from the $6 a yard clearance price (regular $12 a yard) and then 20% more off that at the register? Hell no! I was going to buy fourteen yards of it and make a Marie Antoinette out of it...sheesh, couldn't she tell?

When I told the cashier to cut fourteen yards of it, my co-patron with the roving eyeball gasped. Yes, I was going to buy a lot of it so she couldn't have any of it. Mine mine mine mine and mine.

I left maybe ten yards on the bolt, which she snatched up, almost literally crawling over the cutting table to get to it. Afterall, she had her eye on that.

Hers hers hers hers and hers.


  1. eye on something? what does that mean?...I've had my eye on this hot checker at the market...does that mean I get to keep her? or pay for her...hmmm wait that's not legal here...not to mention what does that say about me? don't you say a thing!

  2. Ahhh! The TRUE sense of entitlement. That kind of crap makes me more than a little nutso.

    Glad to have ya back!

  3. Sounds like some good deals and man YOU just KILL me, lol!

    Great pictures!

  4. I'll go from here to look at the photos. Did you get down to Quartzsite, AZ to meet Paul at his bookstore?

    I have heard that it can be dangerous to get between women at sales. You kind of give a bit more of an idea in just what ways it can be unsafe. Good hunting.

  5. I don't care who you are, there are few things sweeter in the world than getting something right in front of someone who "had their eye on it."


  6. I am envious of your shopping prowess. Now I need to go check out the Hancock Fabrics that's going out of business here and see what I can find.

  7. The pictures were loverly! Glad you're back, although I loved the idea of the gang of you touring around in some big shiny Airstream. So what if that wasn't how it was! Hands off my daydreams!


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