Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Perchance to dream.

Last night I had one of those dreams where you are naked in a public place.

The dream was set at my high school reunion. My husband was there. My first high school boyfriend was there (even though he graduated a year earlier.) The man I lost my virginity to was there (even though he didn't even attend my highschool.) ...and then all of my graduating class were there. ALL of them, the classmates that liked me, and hated me, and admired me, and those that thought me beneath consideration.

I'm not embarrassed in this dream even though I'm the only one naked. I'm lounging about, warm and free and confident, thankfully weighing more than I did in highschool. I'm participating, conversing, smiling.

Everyone at the reunion gets a good gawk. I'm oblivious to it. This is me. This is my body made up of mostly legs. This is my pear shape. These are my annoying hairs that are becoming more prominent as I age. This is my cellulite. This is my loose belly skin from one too many pregnancies. These are my tiny lopsided breasts. Here are my knobby knees and my pokey shoulder blades. Here is that mole on my back that gets irritated under my bra strap.

I don't know why the reunion was the dream setting. I did attend my last high school reunion. I had a great time. I wore a little black dress that covered up my loose belly skin and evened out my figure from breasts to hips. I wore pantyhose. I hate pantyhose. I wore borrowed shoes. I felt good.

Near the end of my dream another reunion attendee hands me a white sheet. I wrap it around my equally white skinned body with such flourish and artistic arrangement that my efforts are ooohed and ahhed at.

It was a lovely dream to wake up from.


  1. Nothing that exciting ever happened at my reunions! It sounds good and creates a lovely mental vision.

  2. funny how as you describe yourself and you mention things like knobby knees and sheet white skin....as if those were negatives...in my mind you are a work of art...I love that about imaginations....excuse me while I oooh and ahhh over your artistically wrapped form.

  3. Oh, great. Like I wasn't already feeling enough stress about planning our class reunion this summer.

  4. Yeah... I just told our HS class prez that I probly would NOT be attending the upcoming 20 year reunion festivities. He's a cool guy and all.... but all the people that I was friends with in HS think I'm indescribably lame now (probly because... mmmm, I AM!). At least they did at the 10 year. Who needs that kind of crap?

  5. I love this! Sadly I have never had "the" nude in public dream. I have a couple of other archtypal dreams but never this one. Weird?


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