Friday, April 13, 2007


It's time to panic folks.

Casa Absent Minded only has one roll of toilet paper left...and there are two bathrooms. Of course I schlepped the roll from my son's bathroom and took it to my own. What do they need TP for?

I can hear you from here telling me to go to the grocery store. "Becky", you say, "They have rolls and rolls of TP just sitting there on the shelf, waiting to be adopted, cuddled, loved! Go buy some!"

Yeah, but that requires that I put on some pants...


  1. Well a whole roll of TP should last until the Mr. gets back... send HIM. Assuming he wore pants to work he'll be all set.

  2. You probably don't really HAVE to wear pants but you might get more attention than you really want if you don't. And you can always go to Costco & get a really large package of them (I know, that is probably a 2-hour drive!) And then you could have one of those delicious Polish dogs & a pop lunch for only a buck & a half.

  3. Oh, thank God I'm not the only one over the age of sixteen who does this.

  4. Hi..I'm new here but, excuse me if I have a dumb question. Isn't buying TP a job for a man? When only 1 roll is in the house or there is none at all isn't that when you just say, "Honey, Please go buy some toilet paper...NOW!"

    I agree, there is nothing that should make you put your pants on.


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