Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You wanna make something of it bucko???

Dear gentle readers and other hangers on:

I have begun and subsequently deleted approximately eight unfunny posts stuffed with vitriole and topped with a buttery ichor. This has put me quite behind in my posting duties.

My excuse, at the moment, is that my body has been deluged with this month's allotment of female hormones and therefore I am cranky.

I do sincerely intend to apologize for this, but my mea culpas are coming out sounding more like a besa mi culas. Please don't take this personally...I am only temporarily off my rocker.

For lunch, I plan on microwaving a double glazed donut and topping it with oreo ice cream. I am not sharing.


Becky, The Absent Minded Keeper of the Broom


  1. Here's a big fat kiss for you. Put it wherever you need it most. LOL!

  2. You used the word ichor, and that's incredibly fetching. You trying to make all the wordy types have hot burnin' crushes on you?

  3. Ahhh yes .... the Estrogen Roller Coaster ...

    Enjoy your lunch.

    *backing away slowly*


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