Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bob Barker knows you didn't spay or neuter your pet.

I'm proud to be the possessor of a unique type of sophisicated yet adolescent brand of humor. Honing my comedy skills takes practice and vigilence.

I was inspired in my efforts yesterday .

OK, I copied.

This is how my husband was presented with this sweet gesture before going to bed.


I told my husband that I had my choice of potty gags to choose from. He very well could have been the victim of:

...except that I found that photo of Jeff Goldblum constipating, therefore defeating the purpose.

The lack of Goldblum disappointed Justin, and so what he found this morning, on the cabinet across from our commode, was another of my gestures:

I'd squeeze that Charmin.

Ohhhh couldn't I go so far with this theme!

Owen Wilson is watching you pick your nose and try to flick the booger. (Hanging off the rearview mirror)

Sally Struthers is watching you lick your butter knife, double dipper. (On the lid of the margarine container.)

Pam Anderson knows you blame your silent but deadlies on your dog. (On the endtable, next to the couch, by the remote.)

Jessica Simpson just watched you pop that big juicy zit. (On the inside of the medicine cabinet.)

Dr. Ruth says you ain't doin' it right. (Framed expensively, above the bed.)

Before you know it, my house is going to look like a People magazine. I could charge admission. There won't be public toilet facilities however.


  1. There must be a lot of laughter in your house!

  2. I knew we had a lot in common..I just didn't realize how much...till now.

  3. Awesome. I am in awe. I'm in such a good mood now, nothing can get me down. Not even Christopher Walken.

  4. Offers up Sarah my badly printed and cheaply framed photo of Jeff Goldblum. If staring at Jeff during your most base moments doesn't keep you happy, nothing will!

    Jerry, what's in your toilet?

    Dapoppins, we try very very very hard and then people look at us funny.

  5. Becky, first this is hilarious and I'm not surprised it's you bringing it to our attention! Second, I'm so sorry to have gone away so long, but I'm back and I missed you! And third, I'm finally getting my interview questions for Dear Justin on paper. I can't wait to get started with that and hope he's not cursing my incredible sloooowwwness.

  6. You all crack me up!

  7. Our husbands must be friends...I had the Walken in the toliet seat too! LOL

  8. lol, my boyfriend would think i was nuts if I did that, love it

  9. LOL Mommy, check the link. I stole it from YOU.


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