Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"F" is for "Fabulous"

Today, while gathering all the junkmail from our post office box, my high school teacher husband was verbally accosted by a parent of one of the students he failed.

School let out for the year the previous Friday. Grades are final. No, he's not going to be back in the classroom later today, or this week, or this month. My teacher husband is going to grow a beard, wear jeans, fart when he pleases and enjoy not using the phrase, "Write your report in your own words."

This student failed by excelling in doing as little as possible. This student's parent was trying his darndest to lay as many excuses for this as he thought would stick onto my husband.

Justin has experienced these type of parents before and he deflected this particular parent easily. He told him to be thinking of a scholastic strategy for the next school year and he'd be happy to work with everyone then. Thrilled, estatic, rapturous!

What is mindblowing to me is that this parent expected my husband to care more for educating his child than he did. This parent was concerned, but not concerned enough to look at his son's homework, make sure it was handed in, see to it that his kid showed up before or after school for additional instruction and ensure that his kid was not up all night playing X-box so he wouldn't feel like sleeping in class. Because his kid failed he has to shell out $200 a class for summer school, and dammit that's expensive.

My husband loves teaching. HE LOVES TEACHING...but, he's not going to pass your lazy kid unless your kid shows a little iniative. He's not going to make up for equally lazy parenting. He's not going to stack the deck in your kid's favor if the kid refuses to play cards in the first place.

Here, have a cookie.


  1. Doood. That is retarded. That must be SOOO frustrating!! While I feel that sending home an hour of homework each night is a little excessive for first grade, it is also a little excessive to expect a teacher to make sure your child passes when you can't be bothered to inform yourself!! Bah.

    Meanwhile, next time I get married I want that mideival dress sketched in the sidebar in cream colored fabrics. Do you remember "So I Married An Axe Murderer"? Did you notice the way her veil was actually a hood, attached to the back of her dress? Mmm....dreamy smile....I want that, too... Maybe I'll have to do a vow renewal ceremony for my 10th anniversary or some crap.

  2. How in the hell is the teacher's responsibilty to make sure the kid passes? He did everything he could. He presented the information and the work and prvoced his services as a teacher. If the kid needs a nanny, they better hire one.

  3. It appears that what was once the exception to the rule is now pretty much commonplace: parents who think the school (teacher) is responsible for their little precious child being just about everything. How your husband can continue to like teaching is a testiment to his courage and devotion to the idea. The world needs more teachers like that and less parents like there are. I'm all for homeschooling -- then the parents have only themselves to blame when "Jr." fails. But in truth that's not the norm for h.s. It takes a lot of courage, determination and teamwork to homeschool. The student usually benefits. Cece

  4. Lisa, I shall post photos of the finished dress...cuz it is finished. Yes, I know So I married...I LOVE THAT DRESS TOO.

    Mommy...you can't have the embarrassment of looking like an ineffectual parent so you lay it on anyone and everyone else!

    Cece, that's "pweshush".

  5. the future looks bright for that kid...he'll be lucky to make it in the "you want fries with that?" world.

  6. Ah yes, the end of the school year. The time of year when all the do-little parents start coming out of the woodwork whining about why their little darlings are failing. Um, could be the total lack of interest their parents show in their schooling? As the secretary of our school I get the honour of fielding these complaints or thwarting them. Grrrr. 3 more weeks and we're done. I can't wait.


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