Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is Kenny.

At least I've named him Kenny. I have no idea who this kid is. These wallets fell out of one of the sewing books I bought at a secondhand store.

From the looks of things, Kenny was dressed for his kindergarten photo in the outfit his mother made him. The shirt more than likely came from Sears and the haircolor more than likely came from the Mailman.

I apologize, that wasn't nice! It's just so fun to make up stories about Kenny. Everytime I open my secondhand sewing book I'm taken away with what Kenny might be up to. I'm guessing that our young suit wearer would be 35 to 40 about now...and that's enough life to take guesses on.

Kenny, high bidder for The Partridge Family bus. He plans to reupholster.
Kenny, made it huge in computers and fru-fru gay porn. Boas!
Kenny, father to twelve children and several illegitimate sheep. Howdy.
Kenny, collector of all things Hello Kitty and Star Trek Voyager.
Kenny, Heaven's Gate survivor. No money for Nikes.
Kenny, plumber voted with the most bitchin' tool belt. Nice wrench.

There is a chance, a very slight chance, that one of you out there on the interwebs might recognize Kenny...or be I would like to justify this post as being all in good fun.

Gimme a Kenny story. I might give prizes.


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  2. It's Spouse Guy when he was Spouse Boy.


    Sorry for the blurry picture; it's a picture of a picture.

  3. And sorry that picture is so huge.

    I obviously don't know what I'm doing.

  4. its not kenny,that is my little friend TUCKER and his grandma loved him so much she kept in her sewing book so she could watch over him all the time he grew up to be a cowboy and lived happy until he was killed by the indians so you see he was much older. thats my stry and i am sticking to it

  5. Kenny & Tucker? Wrong ladies. This is a picture of Jimmie Joe Brooks when he was in 1st grade in 1977. He grew up in Pluckville, Tennessee and moved to Boston in 1984. He's tried making it in the world of design and even tried out for So You Think You Can Sew (a reality show that didn't make the cut last year). Somehow his beginning sewing books made their way to the secondhand store and thus to this website. Life is, afterall, one fantastic journey. Today, as we speak, Jimmie's name has been changed to Rodney and he's waiting tables (full-time) at the Red Robin in Lynnwood, Washington. Cece

  6. ummm...this really is Kenny as he was in 1982...he is 24 years old now. He is a Mormon now after being convinced one night at a 9th grade Sadie Hawkins dance that he must stop leading the life of a sinner and stop trying to massage his girlfriend Sarah's tonsils with his tongue...Sarah flipped Kenny that year. Kenny's parents watched helplessly as their son was drawn deeper into the Mormon Cult first losing him all day on Sundays and for 2 years during his mission, where he spent the better part of those 2 years with dysentery and parasites while being the jungles of Costa Rica. Yet today he is more and more disillusioned with the Church especially after being seduced by most of the divorced female church members...he will soon escape and get plagued with visits from missionaries trying to lure him back...he will punch one soon and feel good about himself again.

  7. Damn .... I thought he WAS the little boy from The Patridge Family!
    Or at least Danny Bonaduce's little brother (the good looking one!)

  8. I can't even begin to speculate on Kenny, too many possibilities!! btw, this post reminds me of the the mystery of the man who ripped up and threw away perfectly good wallet photos in that wonderful film Amelie :-)

  9. p/s forgot to add that found ya via BlogExplosion a while back, and am finally delurking for this post :-)

  10. I guess I am the only one who is thinking, "It's Howdy Doody time." This is not Kenny. This is absolutely Howdy Doody. This exact picture is where Buffalo Bob got his inspiration.


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