Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Early Birds

For a couple years now I've been considering maybe I just might have a yardsale maybe next weekend or the weekend after next if the weather is good.

I know my neighbors will all ooh and ahh over all the crap I don't want anymore. They will snap it up and think themselves lucky and frugal individuals, right? Righto!

I have a three piece canister set shaped like a pig. It has a big pink porcelain bow about it's neck. Amazingly I'm willing to part with this for a buck. I have a full sized brass plated headboard and no full sized beds in my house. Five dollah. I have two unworn 36D nursing bras...Calgon, just take them away!

My paternal grandmother, bless her heart, was a hoarder. This is why I have several boxes of her fabric in my garage. It's why a bunch of my female relatives also have several boxes of her craft supplies in their garages. If she thought it was of any use, or pretty, or something that someone might want someday, she bought it and she stashed it somewhere.

Unfortunately Grandma didn't stash anything you could take to The Antiques Roadshow and then sigh dejectedly over when the appraisor tells you it was only worth 30K instead of 300K.

I have been using Grandma's fabric stash. Frankly I am the only relative who could use a lot of it. She had terrible taste. It's been great for costumes. Check out this creation I made from a length of her bullet proof polyester with a loud floral print with silver tinsel in the knit.

I honestly don't know what she was planning to make out of this fabric, but it kept nicely in storage until I used it. One thing about bullet proof polyester is that it handles nicely when you sew on it. Hmmm GoGo Dancer.

Unlike my Grandma, I don't have a full basement and several spare bedrooms to store my crap. It's getting so I need to do something with it. It's been getting that way for the last two years.

So...for anyone that has ever given me a knick knack...really I do apologize, but some of it has got to go. I enjoyed it until I stopped having room for it.

The wall hanging made out of a pan with a stuffed chicken in it? Fifty cents. No checks please.


  1. Hi there! I found your blog on BE in a battle and I really enjoy reading your posts. I have added you to my blog roll so you might be seeing me quite often :D

  2. Would you take a quarter for the chicken???

  3. I think your Grandmother & mine were sisters.
    She had a basement and 2 spare bedrooms full of fabric, ceramics, paint, and all sorts of other crafty type stuff.
    I made my Dad sell it all as NO ONE in our family (including me) is crafty.
    He did keep the 3 sewing machines though.

    That dress is a FABULOUS go-go costume! I especially love the boa trim on the bottom!

  4. Ah, yard sale. I am trying to get to the place where I am ready for one. I had thought maybe this weekend but it doesn't look good. Also it is a holiday weekend so might not be the best bet. I sure have a lot of junk, er valuable stuff,to sell, though. Like a 4" long piggy bank with a broken left rear leg, stamped "Made in Mexico." It is a real savers bank- there is no way to get the money out.


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