Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So...I was taking a shower today...

That's all to the story. I took a shower. Some days, the personal achievement level is particularly low. My toddler won't be two until June, but no one has told him this. He's a grumpy little twit. I'm allowed to do nothing except make sure he's supplied with toast, milk, juice, fruit and Blue's Clues. Anything else is met with much protest. So...shower...woohooo!

Maybe that's not all there is to this story. To continue with this vein of glass half full, I managed to get undressed for this shower! Showering naked is one of the best ways to get clean. I highly recommend it. I got to use the soap, the shampoo, and the conditioner.

Oh, and I combed and braided my hair!

I put on deodorant.

And...I got clean clothing that doesn't resemble sweat pants or pajamas. I could actually go to the store and look presentable.

There, that's the success. Today I can go to the store and no one will think, "My gosh, that woman looks and smells like sweat socks!"



  1. You're doing better than I am today.

  2. I'm impressed! Conditioner, that's pure Luxury! Here's to not smelling like sweat socks!

  3. Squeaky clean...nothing hotter than right out of the am I talking about?


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