Friday, May 11, 2007


I'm not at all embarrassed to admit that I really really really like costume movies. Really? Yeah really.

This isn't a surprise to you? I guess not. I sew costumes and stuff. Costume movies make me moist.

My own personal costume movie library includes:

Gone With the Wind. (Duh.)



and Orlando.

Among others...

Justin was ever so considerate to add to my costume movie collection this week with the gift of Sense and Sensibility. We cuddled together to watch.

Ohhhh Mr. Willoughby!

There is only one thing wrong with this particular adaptation of the book... husband stopped paying attention to plot points to watch out for Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet has been in every costume drama since the dawn of time. I am NOT watching Titanic and that's final. Resistance, so far, hasn't been futile.

Oh Kate Winslet, you corset tightening tart! Why do you arouse my husband so? Alright, dumb question. It's that smooth face full of sexy good cheer.

Moist and Moistability.


  1. Aren't there a lot of tarts in this world? Of course I notice that you seem to find a lot of Bo-Hunks, too. People watching is a lot of fun and you live in an area where there probably are a lot of them to watch. And it would be cheaper to watch others loosing their money than to spend yours.

  2. Your post cracked me up! And you're so right about Kate Winslet. It used to be Helena Bonham-Carter in every costume drama, ooohhhh "Room With a View" was delicious!!! And now it's Kate.

    And you gotta watch "Titanic" just for the hats!!! The hats are gorgeous!!!

  3. No hats, no no no!

    (I love A Room With A View.)

  4. I love the movie "Orlando" must be the other person who's seen it.

  5. Oh Orlando! (ha! Apparently 3 of us have seen it!)
    But you forgot about Dangerous Liasons.
    I seriously think I was born in the wrong era. I am definitely a whalebone kinda gal. All those flouncy layers and preparation going into looking pretty. If only I had the time... and the maids. Being tied and tightly bound in whalebone and velvet...
    oh god.
    I have to stop drinking and blogging.

  6. One of the finest things about Mr. Willoughby (aside from the cheekbones...the rest of his face...the body...the accent...need I go on?) is that when Kenneth Branagh took up with Helena Bonham-Carter and jilted Emma Thompson, Emma Thompson took up with hottie Mr. Willoughby. Yes, they're married and have a kid together. He is way hotter than that no-lipped Branagh.

  7. Orlando...slow movie: fabulous costumes. I haven't seen Marie Antoinette yet, but I wan't too, cause of the costumes!


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