Friday, May 25, 2007

Step right up

Is there ever a day filled with so much potential as the last day of school?

Besides the heady anticipation of carefree homework-less days, there is a profound giddiness to be had from:

Popsicles, the banana ones especially.
Lawn sprinklers.
Enough watermelon to render your intestines useless.
The 24 hour a day wearing of swimwear.
Cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons.
Peeing in the pool.

All this anticipation is coming to an extra pointy head today because the CARNIVAL! is in town.

Yeah, guess where my kids think I'm taking them later? They are delusional.

What is bad about the CARNIVAL! being in town is that it can be easily seen from my front yard. Carnies are using their come hither glow to tempt my children into paying too much for twirly rides that only end up making them feel nauseated. Sneaky bastards.

You can also see the come hither glow of casinos from my front yard but so far the kids haven't been nearly as tempted toward that form of nausea.

Oh fine, I'll walk them over later. I've been waiting all school year to get up off the super slide with a super wedgie. But then, maybe I'll just forgo underwear.

Oh, that's potential and anticipation...


  1. Ahh, yes, the last day of school. For me now that mainly means that I won't be delayed by the crossing guards when I head anywhere by turning left out of my park & drive by the school. But I can still remember summer vacations of my own. They started out so wonderful but usually by the end I was almost ready to have school start again. Almost.

  2. Come-hither carnies are the best kind.

  3. I love summer. Although sometimes all that swimsuit wearing and watermelon can drive me a little bonkers. LOL

  4. going down a slide sans panties just sounds like its going to hurt....but the thought of it sure is arousing.


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