Monday, June 11, 2007

Angels on the head of a pin.

I return...sound off the horns!

Bear with me for the moments you are here. I'm going to whine about whiners.

While I was enjoying free food samples at the Sam's Club this week I was exposed to a woman I wanted to bitchslap in the worst way. She whined about the lines being long on a Saturday. She whined about Sam's not having a product she needed. She forced her way into a new checkstand line and then whined about people not recognizing she was there first. Then she whined about the way the checker was putting her things back into the cart. On top of this, she couldn't get herself together enough to pay for her things making the people waiting behind her in those long lines wait that much longer.

Poor her. Her shopping experience in the land of plenty was substandard. Come here woman, let me knock some gratitude in ya...hard.

I ran into a few folks this week who, from all outward appearances, had pretty decent lives and yet they found it necessary to bemoan their "fates". The whiny Sam's Club patron wasn't nearly the worst of 'em. Most of these folks wanted a quick, yet shallow, vent with some equally quick and shallow commisseration to make them feel temporarily better. And what they were whining over? Opportunities that many would feel blessed to have and their own choices.

I'm not saying that a person shouldn't feel badly about some of the goings on in their lives. Having a feeling is fine and dandy. It's what you do with that feeling that matters. Not all feelings need a voice.

I suppose this is the part of me that puts me on the "strange look" list with many of my own sex. I'm not a good venter. I don't want to just listen to other people while they vent. I dislike emotional dumping and am uncomfortable being dumped on. I want you to fix it. I want to tell you what to do to fix it. I want to smack around people who are continually dumping over stuff that they have the power to change and ultimately doesn't matter.

If you have your health and your loved ones do too...shush.
If you have enough to eat, something warm to wear and a roof over your head...shush.
If you have people around you that love you or at least tolerate you...shush.
If you have the opportunity to work, even digging ditches...shush
If you have brain enough to learn...shush.

There is no grace in complaining about long lines at Sam's Club. There is also no grace in bitchslapping people. The whiny Sam's Club patron unknowingly remained assault free. She came this close...

There is just too much good in the world to not step back, savor it, and then write an entry in your Oprah gratitude journal about it. There is just too much available grace, even when life is craptacular sometimes. There just IS and IS is better than isn't.


  1. I hate it when you're right, although the free snacks could be better.........

  2. Maybe a certain blogger (not you) should stop bitching about her life! You know who I am talking about!

  3. You should print out a few small copies of a condensed version of this post and keep them in your bag. Then, when you encounter one of these fortunate whiners, hand it over.

  4. AMEN!!!!!

    Live without for a while to know what you have.


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