Monday, June 25, 2007

Charles in Charge of my wrongs and my rights.

My husband has taken off to Vegas with another woman!

...and a couple of guys too, in the school district's brand new Ford Excursion, for an AP teaching conference.

You know how those public school teachers are always getting together for wild parties, hiring hordes of strippers, drinking Everclear with Red Bull and diagramming sentences. It's difficult to keep up with lesson plans.

I'm all by my lonesome (except for the kids) until Thursday.

Oh the trouble I could get into! Muahahahaha!

I think I'll go hang all the toilet paper rolls backwards...
I'm going to remove all the bags of cereal out of ther boxes and switch 'em around...
I'm going to reprogram our satellite TV favorites menu to only include women's and do it yourself networks...
I'm looking into buying a miniature horse as a housepet, complete with a miniature horse sized litter box...
I'm going to decoupage the bedroom ceiling with images of Scott Baio and Peter Frampton.
Fried. Green. Tomatoes.

Again, muahahahahaha!

The intervention will be held promptly on Friday at 4 pm.

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