Thursday, June 28, 2007

Colonel Mustard, in the lavatory, with a plunger

Let's play a guessing game!

In a few moments I will be prancing off to our local hardware store to see if they have a pipe snake. Some child living in my home has placed something inside the toilet, yesterday evening, and the toilet is now mostly clogged.

It's something that was small enough to go down the pipe but not big enough to go down all the way. That could be so many things! Since I'm the handy person in my house it's up to me to fix the toilet and find the "mystery prize". Guesses are welcome.

Last night, I told all the children living in my home who do not wear diapers to not use that toilet. I placed a length of tape over the seat to remind them to not use the semi clogged toilet. I was woken up in the night by children using my bedroom toilet.

Let's play another guessing game.

What do you think I'm going to do to the 13 year old child, who lives in my home and who does not wear diapers, who took a huge and not entirely solid shit in the semi clogged toilet this morning?

Guess away....


  1. Wait a minute, he used the broken toilet? I think he's going to be mowing the lawn an awful lot this summer, and taking out the trash, and scrubbing toilets until they gleam.

  2. Make him don rubber gloves and cleanse said broke-down toilet?

  3. Yup, he cleaned the toilet.

    When I informed him that he was going to be scooping the nastiness out of the toilet he was less than thrilled. I should have taken a photo.


  4. I tried making my baby clean his own poo out of the bathtub, but he just wouldn't do it! I guess I will make him mow the lawn instead. Do you think 2 is too young?

  5. EW! Did he have to actually remove the tape in order to crap in the busted toilet? If so, he got off easy just having to scoop it out!


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