Thursday, June 21, 2007

Falling off the going commando wagon.

I have an embarrassing admission to make. Please please please don't make fun of me too much.


Hello. My name is Becky. I am a housewife. I have been wearing my mother's and my older sister's hand me down underwear.

They weren't used! I was given several dozen pair of their new and unworn underwear because they bought panties that were tighter than they had anticipated. It's a compliment in a way. My bottom is smaller than the genetics we share. Thanks for the free drawers Ma.

Because of this I haven't had to buy panties for a very long time. (With the exception of the super HUGE panties I bought to wear the last time I was pregnant.)

While I was in town on Tuesday I treated myself to new underpants. Don't get yourself all excited. I bought cotton bikini panties. They aren't shiny. They are not thongs.

This is the pair of underpants in one of the six packs that brings a wave of nostalgia over me.

When I was in sixth grade, new to the mature world of changing in a locker room for gym class, I was teased for wearing cotton panties with flowers printed on them. It marked me as a little girl instead of an impending teenager. I didn't know what kind of underwear I was supposed to wear. At the time I didn't know they made underwear that looked like this:

Had I worn these to gym class I don't think I could have avoided jingling. I'm now 32 and I haven't avoided becoming more than a little girl.

Speaking of jingling. This thing fell out of my bra:

...and I am now comfortable.


  1. I thank you for the award you have awarded me. When I saw that I knew it was perfect for you, so I dedicated that post to you. That young man is pretty good.

    I think the undies you selected will be a lot more comfortable than those on that girl in the photo. As to that wire, Pat removes them intentionally from hers for the same reason. Comfort.

  2. Mom couldn't give me the undies, because I actually wear sexy underwear, and my butt is smaller than yours for the first time EVER!!! Please don't smack me.


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