Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Middle child, Parental syndrome.

I realized this morning, whilst speaking of the thoroughly engaging career choice of stay at home parent, that I mention my 13 year old son a lot, and I mention my 2 year old son a lot, but I don't often mention my 8 year old son.

Did you know I had an 8 year old son? I do! He's awesome.

(Oh, you read my birth stories and you do? Good!)

My middle boy is just so laid back that with all the frustration of a high drama teenager and all the constant chasing of a sprited toddler, he's sort of left to his own little laid back devices. Alec is such a sweet little boy. He's always been able to entertain himself...and I take this for granted way way way too much.

What, me worry?

I musn't let him slip through the parental cracks or else he'll be dressing like Marilyn Manson at age 12, writing badly rhymed depressing poetry and worshipping household appliances. He'll shave off all his body hair and leave it in the tub for me to clean up.

Alec, this post is dedicated to you. You're just that great and don't think I don't notice. Let's make rootbeer floats later.

...and we'll toast our floats with the wish that life never become a Morrissey song.


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  2. Becky! I found your blog after searching for it through yahoo 360. I was shocked when I read that your baby is already 2 years old!! I still remember when he was born! I will be reading you. Hugs

  3. My middle girl? Too loud and passionate to ever be glossed over. Ever.


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