Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Becky Baggins, Desert Yeti

Many of my readers and other hangers on are aware of my ongoing struggle with the removal of unwanted (uninvited, unimpressive, unnerving...) body hair.

If you are new around these parts and you aren't aware of just how hairy I am, you can reference THIS POST and THIS POST and maybe THIS POST too. Don't be scared. I'm fuzzy...I'm not Cousin It or Chewbacca.


I've wasted money purchased an at home electrolysis kit to hopefully permanently remove my goatee and some other funny hairs to which I won't reveal the location of. I don't like these hairs. I want to maim and kill them. I want to damn them to the firey depths of hell.

You're thinking, "Becky, why not have a professional do your zapping for you?" There are two reasons for this. First is, I'm cheap. Professionals are expensive and they make uncomfortable small talk. The second reason is because I live out in the middle of nowhere. There are no lawyers here and no electrolysists either. I'd have to make a pilgrimage for the cause of body hair removal and I just don't feel I have that kind of faith as of yet.

I spent a portion of yesterday electrocuting myself. Today I'm sort of floating in a dreamy haze, savoring the metallic taste in my mouth and the bumpy rash on parts better left undefined.

Still, it's better than the all over body burn I get from depilatory creams. We must be optimistic about these things.

It's good to have goals.


  1. I have more of a problem with too much hair going away on it's own!

  2. if I were lazy...I'd sport pippie long stocking like pig tails from my nose. There is a creepy side of getting older and it's the unwanted hair growth that makes it all too true.


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