Thursday, July 05, 2007

Being Snookered

My parents used to keep a pool table in their basement. It was a never ending source of amusement for us kiddos. Before puberty, playing 8 ball was fun. After puberty, making out on top of or under the pool table was fun.

Needless to say I became quite good at both activities.

I learned at one point in my adolescence that it was better to only kick my date's ass in the making out portion of playing pool instead of the actual pool playing part of pool. Teenaged boys do not appreciate it when 100 pound girls make mincemeat of them when it comes to sport. I used to throw the game and let the young men I led down to my lair basement win. I'm just that charitable.

I've learned this week that my husband would not care if a 100 pound woman kicked his ass at pool. He does not need my charity.

This is Jeanette Lee. Jeanette Lee is ranked 7th in the world in ladies professional billiards. Jeanette Lee is known as "The Black Widow" for sporting a mostly black wardrobe at billiards events.

My husband sat watching Jeanette on TV, completely mesmerized by her sensual ability to lean way over a table, handle a stick with precision and deftly whack a ball into a hole.

Jeanette will rack up your balls real tight and you will like it.

Did you know that making out after watching Jeanette on TV is just as satisfying as making out after throwing your own game of pool? I'm here to tell ya....

Oh Jeanette Lee, you felt caressing tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question. She's got biceps of steel.

My biceps are made out of marshmallows.


  1. This comment pertains to your housewifely doodad post about kitchen shears:

    Kitchen shears are awesome! My husband just used them to cut a book off our son. It was one of those "stick your finger through the hole" books where the kid's finger looks like various other things—and this kid's finger got stuck. Icing it, no dice. Dish soaping it, no dice. Shears plus water to soggy up the remnants, voila!

  2. Which channel does Jeanette Lee appear on? She has at least a couple of fine points that might make her worth watching at play. Or rather, at work.

  3. Great blog, I can't believe this is the first time I have ever seen it! I will be back.
    Good luck in the battle.


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