Monday, July 30, 2007

Once Upon a Potty

I held a yard sale this weekend. Amazingly, people in my neighborhood wanted to buy my crap. Even in this heat they wanted to buy my crap.

The one thing that didn't sell? The used toilet seat I'd marked for "$1000 FIRM!" Humph! Didn't they know that I sat on that several times a day? It has provenance!

Home redecoration has been on my mind quite a bit lately. A bathroom is a good place to start. My son's bathroom has rubber duckies in it. It's a likely theme and makes one feel perky whilst on the john. I'd like to theme up my personal bathroom and start off my day enveloped in commode creativity.

Why not base the theme on a new toilet seat? Check out these badasses...


This is so practical. I may follow this with an Area 51 theme. I'm marking the handle of the plunger with "Alien Probe".

Forget the Charmin, I'm hanging a Sear's Catalog next to this 'un.

Johnny Cash or Elvis? Ring of Fire or Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love?

Just don't get too comfortable...

I once knew a couple who had a bookcase in their bathroom with the entire Warren Report sitting on the shelves. They have my admiration.


  1. You can keep that last one. I don't want to be around that much snow!

  2. Heh... just stay away from those nasty "fuzzy" toilette covers.

  3. My Mom loves those fuzzy toilet seat covers. And my Dad hates them. They make it impossible for a man to pee standing up without holding the lid back. This is why my Dad gave my Mom some decorative seats for Christmas one year.

  4. In Japan they have heated toilet seats. This generally does not appeal during the warmer months, but when it gets cold, you wouldn't believe the difference it makes. Sadly, in the U.K. they don't have electric sockets in bathrooms, so heated toilet seats cannot be used here. But then, they do have central heating. Most places in Japan don't, hence those warm seats are very welcome indeed.


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