Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cinderella Undercover

I admit to having an ecletic list of music on my little Windows media player. Yes, I illegally downloaded most of it. I'm a bad bad human being.

Right now I'm listenin to Shakira. All of us want to be Shakira when we grow up. Don't deny it.

Next on the list, Flock of Seagulls and Tracy Chapman. Imagine if they got together and had a baby.

Then there is Erasure, The Zombies, Oingo Boingo, Dolly Parton and Outkast.

All of the songs on my list have been chosen for their ability to rev my brain. You know, that sludgy thing that's been running out of my ears overloading with Yo Gabba Gabba and Ed, Edd and Eddy. I don't have a big playlist, but I do have enough for my brain cells come out of their comas.

Now that Justin has a new handy dandy MP3 player, (Which stores photos and movies and has a compass in the stock.) I've called dibs on his old one. I haven't desired an MP3 player up to this point. I don't always need a soundtrack to my daily life. What I do need sometimes is something to keep my brain occupied while I perform never ending loads of dishes and laundry. There are philosophical questions presented in your random ELO song that vacuuming just can't compete with.

My dustrag might lie, but my hips don't.


  1. HEY...

    Thanks for stopping by - I read you all the time, I should comment more.

    See ya!

  2. I have some music on my PC & a few in an MP3 player but I find that I really don't listen to it much. Mostly just the radio works for my interest. But I can see some advantage to only getting favorites. Maybe I should pay more attention to it but there is the time factor to convert them all to MP3 format. Maybe in the future.


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