Monday, August 13, 2007

Going Commando

Happy New Year!

What do you mean the new year isn't starting in August? My teacher husband an two of my three children are going back to school next week. I am again a housewife on my own happy new year!

Many people make their resolutions at the new year and I'm no exception. Baa, sheep, baa. Here are some of the things that I might accomplish in the coming school year if I remember.
  1. I will do my yoga tapes consistently. I love my yoga tapes. I love Bryan Kest. He wears no underpants under his loose yoga pants. I may or may not practice yoga in while wearing underpants.
  2. I will keep my legs shaved this winter instead of justifying not shaving them with the wearing of long pants. I may or may not wear underpants under my long pants.
  3. I will bake more cookies.
  4. I will go to public places wearing my shoes. It's a proper thing to wear shoes. It's not proper to go everywhere wearing your fluffy sheepskin slippers. The wearing of shoes requires the wearing of socks, so I have to buy some of those. I may or may not wear underpants while I wear shoes and socks.
  5. I will learn a new creative skill. I'm thinking mime. Writing a blog post about mime should prove intriguing. Underpants.

Suggestions for additions to this list are appreciated unless they involve geek to chic makeovers, the Kama Sutra or plastic surgery.


  1. I have nothing to add to your list, but I'm enchanted by the presence of the word "Underpants" at the end of number 5. Well, more amused than enchanted, but, still.

  2. Why on earth do the majority of my sisters insist of going commando? I think I would rather wear a cute little pair of silky panties than rubbing my valuables on rough denim!!!!!

  3. Good resolutions!

    I can't wait to read if you keep them all!

    er, um I mean .... I sure will (NOT) miss the lil' crumb grubber!


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