Friday, August 03, 2007

How to get a free Chia Pet

Walmart is so full of back to school goodness. My children are now supplied with the school supplies that make me feel like I've done my job educating them. Crayola markers are so awesome.

When we reached the checkstand the cashier had to go through every tiny pocket in the backpacks we were buying. People seem to think that putting things in the backpacks and then buying the backpacks sort of grandfathers them in to legally owning the things they are trying to steal.

We joked with the cashier about a customer stashing something in a "secret" backpack pocket and then becoming angry with the checker for being smart enough to find it.

That's when my thirteen year old son pipes up with, "I have a secret pocket in my pants!"


He innocently meant his change pocket. The cashier didn't inspect it for stolen goods.


  1. Speaking of secret pockets, did you follow Flea's Humiliating Moments in Parenting contest? (Contest is over now.) She wrote about a neighbor's little girl discovering that she had a handy anatomical pocket and showing it to Daddy while he played poker with his buddies. Must read it!

  2. "Back to school." Words from the past for me now but they still create pretty strong feelings of- well many different things. In most ways I am glad that I don't have to get involved with that either as a parent or child any more.


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