Friday, September 07, 2007

Becky's Bedhoppers

I'm not usually of a worrisome nature. Sometimes I take a Scarlett O'Hara approach to the concerns of the world. However, I find I can't ignore this particular worry any longer.

If Drew Carey is going to host "The Price Is Right" will the models continue to be "Barker's Beauties" or will they get a new moniker?

I know, you were worried about the exact same thing...

The name that comes to the forefront in my mind, if we excuse a few variations on two crude four letter words, is "Carey's Cuties". It's not PC, but hey, it's got alliteration.

What would the models be named if Rosie O'Donnell had gotten the hosting gig? Rosie's Posies? O'Donnell's Doll's? O'Donnell's O'Dommes?

Of course we can't limit our naming possibilities to Drew Carey and Rosie. I'm sure many other celebrities and talk show types were considered as well.

  • Bill Clinton's got charisma. Bill's Fillies.
  • Star Jones ain't been on TV for a while. Star's Harlots.
  • Mario Lopez won't do "Circus of the Stars". Lopez's Dispensers.
  • Since the Geico Caveman got a sitcom, the Gecko is jealous. Gecko's Lot Lizards.
  • There just isn't enough Oprah. Winfrey's Self Actualized and Strong Women (who are modeling because they choose to and do not feel objectified or demeaned in any way).

...Don't let me start in on Dick Van Dyke or Englebert Humperdinck.


  1. "Drew's Dudes." They'll upgrade to hot shirtless guys. Isn't the audience mostly female anyway?

  2. Isn't it fun to speculate? And one doesn't even have to worry about being politically correct when it is just speculating. Good choices. Now can you come up with something for poor Paris so she doesn't have to leave her quest to be a famous person?

  3. I must admit... I'd consider tuning in for "Drew's Dudes."

  4. Oh, I praaaaay that Orange is right!!! Dreamy!!

    And you, my dear, are too damn funny for words. I bet Dick and Humperdinck wish you would start on them....

  5. I vote for Lopez's dispensers !


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